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Chinese Herbal Medicine


Chinese Herbal Medicine has a long history of safe and effective use. Many formulas dating back to the 3rd century AD are used today to treat everything from colds and flu to complex autoimmune, dermatological and digestive complaints. Thanks to millennia of testing and refinement, Chinese Herbal medicine, when mixed by a trained herbalist, using properly sourced herbs, is safe and clinically effective.

Chinese herbs are used whole, based on their properties and their effects on specific organs and systems in the body. They are combined into formulas containing as few as two or as many as 20 herbs. The synergistic combinations of multiple herbs, when mixed properly, treat the root of the problem without side effects.

Herbs can be taken in granular, pill, liquid tinctures (concentrate from a dropper) or raw form (roots, bark, berries, other plant parts, or minerals which are boiled and made into a tea).

Some conditions can be improved more quickly with the use of Chinese herbs in conjunction with acupuncture.


Herb Quality & Safety

The quality of the products we use and sell is always on our minds. We only source from a handful of trusted and verified vendors who each perform rigorous third-party batch-testing for various contaminants and adulterants. In addition, these vendors sell only to licensed healthcare practitioners to ensure patient safety.

Products from our trusted vendors are run through as many as 15 different tests by independent testing facilities. They check for contaminants, such as: heavy metals, mold, bacteria, pesticides and a number of other toxins. In terms of quality, the products undergo organoleptic, active-ingredient, microscopic cellular identification, and potency level testing. What you buy from us is what we trust to take ourselves and give our families.