New Patient Information

Vel with New PatientNew Patients:

Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email. In that email, you will see a button that says: “Manage my Appointment”. Please click on that button and you will be taken to a HIPAA compliant-webpage which will allow you to complete a detailed health-history and sign forms.

For all patients on the day of your appointment:

Eating a snack or a light meal at least one hour prior to your appointment can be helpful. Acupuncture is best received when not overly full or overly hungry. Many treatments can be done while wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Wear a short-sleeved blouse or shirt, or one with sleeves that can be rolled-up above the elbows. Wear slacks or pants that can be rolled up above the knees (or bring shorts to change into). Gowns and sheets are also available if needed.

How long will it take to get better?

The number of treatments needed to resolve an issue depends on several factors, including:

  • Acute vs chronic conditions; Acute conditions usually require fewer treatments than chronic conditions which you have had for months, years or decades.
  • The age and health of the patient; Children typically respond quicker than adults. A person with fewer health issues usually responds faster than one with many health issues.
  • Lifestyle activities, including diet, exercise regimen and changes in your daily routines.
  • Overall, over the course of treatment (which can be weeks to months) you will usually see a general trend in improvement, but on a day-to-day-basis your symptoms may vary between appointments. This is normal, as your body is a living system, subject to many variables of daily life, and the improvement is rarely ever a straight-line. But as long as the general trend is improving, do not worry too much if the problem flares up between appointments.

To visit the office:

34121 N. US Highway 45, Unit 218
Grayslake, IL 60030
Google Map Directions

map to Eastern Healing Traditions, Grayslake ILAfter parking, enter the lobby at the center of the building.The clinic is in the Graystone Manor building, on the east side of Rt45 between Washington Street & Gages Lake Rd (County A24).
(If you are coming from the north, make a U-turn on Route 45 at Gages Lake Rd and head back north on R45 before turning into the parking lot.) 

  • The office is on the 2nd floor, accessible by stairs or elevator.
  • At the top of the stairs, go straight down the hallway to the office (#218) on your right.


(224) 541-0022

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  • Laurel's Bone Spur

    I presented with intense heel pain related to a bone spur that had not responded to traditional western protocols. Vel achieved what western medicine couldn’t—dialing down the pain quotient to a level that allows me to function normally. I appreciated his patient-centered approach and especially the proactive way he coordinated treatment with another practitioner to maximize my outcomes. Mr. Natarajan has the mind and manner of a true healer, one who listens to his patient, thinks about root cau…

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  • Ted's Osteoarthritis

    After seeing Vel for many months now I have come to learn that he is destined for a successful career as a acupuncture and herbal medicine practitioner. His patient care (bedside manner, if you will) is extraordinary as he takes all the time necessary to assess and consider treatment options, and it all seems to come naturally to him as a caring human being. My issues have been treated not only with a simple plan of needles but many other supplement procedures and Vel, nothing seems…

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  • Jenna's Digestion

    I was treated by Vel for a variety of symptoms, which I had suffered from for months. I was experiencing digestive issues (nausea, diarrhea), fatigue, muscle soreness, hormone imbalances (from going off birth control), mood swings and just general discomfort. During that time I also came down with a bad cough and cold. 
    In meeting Vel and his larger team, I was immediately impressed by his demeanor as a doctor. When listening to my symptoms he asked questions that helped me further explain…

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  • Mamie's Fatigue

    I came to Vel with chronic problems of fatigue, sore throat, dizziness, and nausea. He has been consistent in treating my superficial symptoms as well as getting to the root of the problem. I see him on a weekly basis and I can tell that I get stronger and stronger every time. His kindness and patience has meant the most to me. He understands that I have many layers of physical and emotional trauma that have built up over time. I feel safe in his care and my treatments with him give me hope that…

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  • Celeste's Numbness

    I had been having numbness and tingling in my right hand for years. Some days were worse than others and then it could be weeks when it was fine. I had an MRI and was told I had some bulging and some arthritis in the neck. I had PT for a while and it seemed to help but then it got to the point where I couldn’t even do any hand sewing for more than a couple of minutes before the hand was painful and numb. Since I sew for a living this was not good. I had heard about the great work Vel had done with o…

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  • Eric's Forearm

    After injuring my shoulder and forearm I experienced a gradual loss of range of motion and the ability to grasp. Simply shaking hands with someone caused a great deal of pain. Vel completed a health history, discussed the circumstances related to my injury and completed a hands on evaluation to determine that acupuncture could help to alleviate the pain, increase range of motion and allow the healing process to begin. Throughout, Vel provided thorough and easy to understand explanations of each…

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  • Patsy's Shoulder

    I want to put in a strong recommendation for Vel Natarajan's acupuncture treatments. I have known Vel over 9 years and have found him to be one of the smartest and most sensible humans I know. So when I heard Vel was leaving the business world to study acupuncture and oriental medicine, I definitely took notice.

    If Vel thought oriental medicine was legit, it must be.
 Overcoming my innate fear of needles and pain, I decided to try acupuncture...

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